Visited My Gravator

Hi Everyone,

I spent the morning setting up my G Suite for my business.
While doing so I updated my profile on Gravator. WOW was it ever out dated. 🙁 Embarrassed LOL
Then I got to looking at some old blogs and realized that they also have not been updated.
That’s another days worth of work. 🙂

But the first thing Im doing is setting up a responder for my blog. Would like to have a nice following on this one. Doing things the right way and not half ass.

Now on to the next project.. Keep watching as It all unfolds.

Welcome New Friends

Hello Everyone, I am so excited to bring you my newest blog.
Now with out further ado let me explain why..

I have been online for a long 16+ years having lots of luck then on the flip of a dime it all stopped.
And Its no ones fault but “MY OWN”. These are harsh words to admit to. But now its time for me to change that.

I will be going back to the beginning and changing my mistakes into successful ones. 🙂

I have been online long enough to know that the “Money Is In The List”.
Now I sound like a broken record, but here’s more:
Not only is money in the list, but branding is also a part of the list building senereo – if people don’t know, like and trust you – you fail.

So now on this blog I will be totally transparent, scared and well nervous.
Will people like me and what Im writing about?
Will people who know e give me a second chance to redeem myself?
Will I be able to build a new list that will grow because Im giving good info?

Well as this grows I look forward to all the feed back good and bad. 🙂

Thanks for visiting me today and Ill se ya around.