Welcome New Friends

Hello Everyone, I am so excited to bring you my newest blog.
Now with out further ado let me explain why..

I have been online for a long 16+ years having lots of luck then on the flip of a dime it all stopped.
And Its no ones fault but “MY OWN”. These are harsh words to admit to. But now its time for me to change that.

I will be going back to the beginning and changing my mistakes into successful ones. 🙂

I have been online long enough to know that the “Money Is In The List”.
Now I sound like a broken record, but here’s more:
Not only is money in the list, but branding is also a part of the list building senereo – if people don’t know, like and trust you – you fail.

So now on this blog I will be totally transparent, scared and well nervous.
Will people like me and what Im writing about?
Will people who know e give me a second chance to redeem myself?
Will I be able to build a new list that will grow because Im giving good info?

Well as this grows I look forward to all the feed back good and bad. 🙂

Thanks for visiting me today and Ill se ya around.

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